Core Transformation

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Based on the pioneering work of Connirae Andreas, Core Transformation® is a breakthrough in the fields of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), psychology and spirituality. The Core Transformation® experience is a process for transforming unwanted behaviors, thoughts, and feelings by actually embracing them! Often, using this process, even the most trivial of problems can be a doorway leading you to a profound sense of self. As a result, many limitations melt away leaving a feeling of tranquility.

Core Transformation, also called The Identity Process, is a way of revealing your true identity. You will find your soul’s purpose and life’s meaning.

The process starts by identifying a behavior or limitation that you would like to change, or a positive experience that you would like to capture. We then use a question and answer technique that takes you down the layers of your personality until you reach a Core State. This is often a powerful experience.

Core states are always positive and once reached, the ripples of it permeate through your entire life and being. Once you have identified your Core state you can start to live your life from your Core Self. You are functioning from your Core Self when:

  • You experience wholeness, inner-peace, well-being, love, and aliveness.
  • You are fully grounded and centered within your body.
  • You know what you want.
  • You are behaving in alignment with your values.
  • You are aware of who you are, not just what you do, how you feel, or what you have.
  • You have a positive sense of self.

Imagine your most difficult problems actually having a positive aspect, something through which to learn, grow, and transform. Core Transformation gently guides you in discovering those positive intentions, leading to an experience of understanding, where awareness and change occur naturally.

Specific changes attributed to the Core Transformation process include:
  • Changing problem emotions and behaviors (i.e. anger, self-consciousness, procrastination, fear)
  • Improving relationships
  • Overcoming depression and anxiety
  • Healing addictions
  • Finding fulfilling work
  • Improving all aspects of health
  • Creating an overall sense of inner peace, wholeness