Manager of Tile Business
Working with Michael has changed my life immensely:
  • I find peace very often and this is the highest priority in my life
  • My self-love has grown tremendously and so has my confidence
  • I have clear vision what I desire to do and I have chosen my career according to my desire
  • I have found passion in many things I do because of my different perception
  • I am aware of my judging things and people
  • I look for beauty in each person and the world around me has become beautiful
  • Relationships with my husband and my mother have improved
  • I have experienced the benefits of meditation
  • I trust the Universe
  • Things have started to work for me effortlessly
  • I have been experiencing more and more miracles
  • I have started to recognize things I could not see before
  • I have more energy (regular exercising is effortless)

Hotel Management
The strong growth that developed in my life because of being coached by Ms. Michael C. Redmond:

  • A strong feeling of knowingness, peacefulness about myself
  • Developed my awareness tremendously which now helps me with making great decisions.
  • My happiness has more than tripled because my life has become more effortless.
  • Saw my angels, received messages from them and having them tell me their names. (THIS INCREASED MY SPIRITUALITY & BELIEF)
  • Helped me with my personal qualifications, which is reminding me who I am which absolutely developed and strengthened my wholeness and oneness with myself so that now I can honestly say “I LOVE MYSELF & MY LIFE UNCONDITIONALLY!!”
  • Built my self-esteem and eliminated my self-doubt.
  • Guided me with what to do & and become clear on the ideal career position.
  • Taught and guided me on creating: spiritual cover letter, resume, etc… which in returned was noticed immediately when speaking with potential employer – I SMILED!!!!!
  • Most of all guided me closer to the Universe showing me how to connect and now having a stronger if not the strongest belief system, which I have been searching for. I have been searching for over 7 years. This ultimately has allowed me to manifest more consistently!!!
  • Everyone must be coached by you you’re the best!!!
When I first met Michael, I was lost, emotionally exhausted, immersed in fear, devoid of my own masculinity and moreover, spiritually bankrupt. This is a very bad place for anyone to be on a daily basis.

Michael was instrumental in getting me to look into myself, getting in touch with my inner peace and managing day-to-day emotions and situations. Most critical for my benefit was the fact that Michael taught me about living internally; she accomplished this with loving concern, without which would otherwise be impossible.

I am now a full participant in a successful marriage, an entrepreneur of a thriving business venture and at the threshold of becoming a well-prepared parent. My wife, Alice has likewise, benefited from Michael's unique expertise and keen intuition. We have both grown demonstrably with Michael.

It is with deep gratitude and profound humility that I thank Michael for her guidance and love. Thanks for being a giver. What a gift!

In great appreciation!

Michael helped me. She was incredibly incisive about a number of the issues with which I have been dealing with. Even better, she had suggestions on what I can do to find more joy, peace, and satisfaction. The sessions were excellent. Afterwards, I was very clear and relaxed. It was great.

I strongly recommend Michael to you.

Private Real-estate Investor
Working with Ms. Michael Redmond over the past few months has been an absolute delight and has brought me tremendous personal growth. I came to Michael knowing there was something more, having an inner longing for peace of mind, for a better understanding of what I was supposed to do with my life, and in just a few months, with her help, much of that has become clearer. Beyond a great friend and confidant, Michael has an understanding of the human spirit and the world around us unlike any I've ever experienced. Her gentle guidance is a source of comfort, support and growth that I value tremendously. Before working with Michael, oftentimes when I would envision things in the past, there would be a part of me that doubted they could really happen. Now, seeing the way things are manifesting for me when I live with honor, integrity, respect and most importantly come from a place of love, it's all very real. It is indeed, a field of infinite possibility. I now see the next six months as a time of tremendous spiritual as well as business growth, and that balance is exciting. Every day is a combination, a flow, a balance, an effortless maneuver to grow, learn, give and receive. For the first time in my life, I'm embracing more and more responsibility and believe I've finally decided to "grow up"- to take on the challenge I've been given to live life to the fullest and use my gifts to the fullest. Working and living from the heart, I know I will make things happen for myself and others and will touch people's lives in countless ways. It's just exciting, real, fulfilling, and so much more.

College Student
Each session has been a blessing in my life. I have been enlightened in many ways, as I have felt the power and the joys of the universe. I know that through this act of pondering one can be filled with the spirit or one may call it energies of the universe. I know this to be true through what I have experienced and felt in each of my sessions. I have come to a realization that angels are among us I have felt there presence and feel it every time I meditate and call upon them. I know that God is aware of my desires and me. I have felt his guidance and inspiration as he leads me to full fill my purpose in life. I have felt the power of forgiveness. My body has been healed physically, emotionally, and mentally through the power of each session. The powers of heaven have been opened to me and I have felt the joy, love, peace, assurance, and confidence, which has been an instrument in my life. I have a firm testimony that all this I have felt is through God and the powers of the universe made available to me through Gods mortal tool, Michael.

Disaster Recovery Field
Sometimes all we need in our lives is for someone to point out our own inner strength. At a point in my life when I awoke every day in despair and without hope, your words of encouragement, guidance and strength allowed me to visualize my life as I wished it to be. Nearly two years later, my life is transformed...I am a better mom, a better employee, and a person who awakes every day knowing I am living Gods deeper purpose for my life. It is amazing to me that a few simple tools, combined with a sense of self, love of God and awareness of my place in this world has made all the difference. For this, I thank you.

Owner of Mortgage Company
Sometimes I just want to let you know that since I started my coaching sessions with you I feel a big change in my perspective of things. Before I was all stressed out and I couldn't enjoy what was so close to me. Since I started coaching with you I feel more relaxed. I feel happy and I have a better perspective of things. I'm even getting along better with my husband. Thanks so much and looking forward a long coaching relationship with you.

Real estate
I have recently started coaching sessions with Ms. Michael Redmond. For years I have had a hard time dealing with procrastination issues. Regardless of the classes, books, seminars I took on how to deal with procrastination, it usually crept back. After three sessions with Michael, I find myself in a constant state of happiness and my chest feels lighter than it has in years and after 1 session where Michael addressed my procrastination issues, I find myself in energize mode constantly getting things done, but not like I have to do things, but I just do them and its great, and I can not thank her enough for helping me and can't wait to see how my sessions with her help improve my life overall.

Thanks for everything Michael!!

This is a note to praise Michael Redmond for her excellent coaching. I was feeling very depressed and certain that I was a big loser in life, but after Michael coached me, I began to feel certain that I was a winner. My life started to change, and what seemed impossible in life suddenly became possible. With a new attitude on life, I began to manifest the life I truly desired. Thanks, Michael!

"Big-5" Consultant
"I had the pleasure of working with Michael while we were at KPMG and found her to be very knowledgeable and with a high client focus and very positive energy. She is also a dynamic speaker and very much a people person, always with her client's and staff's best interest at heart."

Utilities Executive
"I have had surgery a couple of times and always have problems coming out of the anesthesia, it takes me a while to come out of it and I was always nauseated. I asked Michael to hypnotize me before my hernia surgery. Michael and I had two sessions. A week later I had my surgery and I came out of the anesthesia with no problem and I WAS NOT NAUSEATED. It was great, I highly recommend Michael's Alpha Guided Hypnosis, it really works".

Michael has been a good friend to me at times when I needed assurance and support. She is has an intuitive sense and the ability to communicate her insights effectively. As a coach, she helped me to tune to my own insights and feelings. She also helped me feel a sense of hope at times when I needed it.

Senior Director IS Operations
Michael is a very versatile and a vast of knowledge. Her knowledge and depth can help people from a single person to a whole company grow and do better. It was a privilege to work with Michael. I would hope that Michael touches more people lives and businesses in the future and makes this whole world a better place.