Our Process and Specialties

Solution Focused Coaching – Our Process and Specialties

Solution Focused Coaching is based on Integrative Psychology

We combine Integration Counseling Therapy™, Psycho-Neural Behavioral Therapy™ (PNBT™), Alternative and Complementary Healing Modalities, to create a broader range of therapy and healing tools. The synergistic combination of these methodologies results in the most powerful and complete approach to healing and wellness of the mind, body, and spirit ever compiled. Their applications are extremely effective towards creating transformation and change and take a relatively short time to see results.

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Allow Me To Help You Remember How Powerful You Really Are!

Together we can make your life into the one you were born to have. You didn't come to this earth to experience pain. You came to be happy, have love, grow, have prosperity, and manifest your greatest desires. Experience Achievement, Love and Peace in your life.

As a Board Certified Psychoneurologist, PhD, Life Coach, and Certified Crisis Counselor, I am more than qualified to help you in reaching success as a happy person with a life filled with Joy and Love.

My techniques are a combination of coaching and therapy. Gestalt, NLP, Tapping, EFT, Rogerian, Mind-Body-Spirit, Clinical Hypnosis, Meditation, and other techniques that I learned through years of study and my PHD classes in Psychoneurology and Integrative Healing.

Together we can design a step-by-step, cost-effective plan for you to achieve optimum success from your sessions.

I offer:
  • Innovative and reliable solutions
  • Immense experience without an immense price
  • Short-term and long-term assistance
  • One on one sessions, group sessions, personal development CD's
  • My CD's are available at www.sfccds.com
  • Ongoing support

Our suite of services includes:

  • Total Life Coaching

  • Loving What Is

  • Core Transformation

  • Emotional Rational Behavior

  • Alpha Therapy

  • Parental Timeline Reimprinting

  • Aligning Perceptual Positions

  • Personal Values and Rules

  • Identity Integration Counseling: Applications

  • Psycho-neuro Behavioral Therapy Applications

  • Healing Trauma

  • Dealing with Disaster

  • Attachment, Loss, and the Task of Mourning

  • Crisis Counseling

  • EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • Families / Children / Couples:
    Courtship Rituals
    Marriage Counseling
    Intimacy Issues
    Sexuality Issues
    Parental Issues
    Family Dynamics
    Child Development
    Self -Esteem Building

  • Accelerated performance
    Achieving standards of excellence Sports Entertainment
    Executive Transformational Coaching

  • Organizational Transformation
    Dynamics of Change Management
    Accelerated Performance Training
    Teamwork and Bonding Dynamics
    Structuring Corporate Culture
    Fostering Teamwork and Harmony
    Conflict Resolution

  • Your Master System
    Understanding yourself and others.
    Values - Your personal compass, taking an inventory
    Rules – the designators of happiness
    References – the basis of all beliefs

  • Rapport
    Rapport is your ability to elegantly and effectively enter another’s world enabling communication at the deepest core levels.

  • Modalities
    Mapping internal frames of reference
    Understanding syntax order
    The structure of verbal communication
    Non-verbal communication, gestures, postures
    Putting it all together

  • Emotional Management
    Phobias, Traumas, and Abuse
    Overcoming Stage Fright
    Becoming More Independent in Relationships
    The 10 Emotions of Power
    Eliminating Allergic Responses
    Weight Management,
    Resolving Internal Conflicts
    Recovering From Shame and Guilt
    Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Ms. Michael Redmond, PhD

Board Certified Psychoneuroligist