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Personal Development Audio CD’s

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As you enter a relaxed state by listening to the soothing voice of Ms. Michael C. Redmond ...for less than one of her private will start to notice life changing attitudes developing. Learn to become aware of your inner mental monologue without getting caught up in it or trying to shut it down.

Distancing yourself from your difficult thoughts can help you learn to stop turning small problems into dilemmas that seem all-consuming. Feeling capable and competent; being able to handle normal levels of stress, maintaining satisfying relationships, leading an independent life; and being able to "bounce back," or recover from difficult situations are some of the possible results from use of these “Solution Focus Coaching” Personal Development Audio CD’s.

About Ms. Michael C. Redmond, PhDc
Ms. Michael C. Redmond, PhDc started studying Personal Development when she was 14 years old. She became a peer counselor at Marymount Manhattan College and was certified in Crisis Counseling through ACS. She completed her coursework for her PhD’s in Psycho Neurology and Integrative Healing at Barren University. She is completing her thesis for both PhD’s.

Michael is a Silva Graduate. While working as a student teacher at the High School for Performing Arts, she used alpha meditation techniques to help the acting students manifest their performances. She used this technique to help prepare reservists in Desert Storm. She has helped many Businesses.

Later, through studying many teachers she learned to use Personal Development in the manifestation of thoughts and desires. Michael works daily on naturally creating a richly fulfilling life. She helps others to bring ideas and desires into physical form.

Michael is a motivational counselor, coach and Psychoneurologist who works with her clients on being “the best them” that they can be. In her counseling she uses visualization, crystals, aromatherapy, color therapy as well as Psychoneurology. She combines Mind, Body and Spirit.

Michael has learned from the teachings of Tony Robbins, Bijan, Jose Silva, Sharon A. Warren, Shakti Gawain, Todd Varnum and Frede Fengler, Dyer W. Wayne, Deepak Chopra and Byron Gentry and Mary Gentry and others.

DISCLAIMER: Do not listen to track one of CD while driving, walking or using equipment. Please listen to it sitting or lying down in a quiet environment.