Crisis Teams

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Entities can prepare to deal with Mass Psychological Trauma associated with a Mass Disaster, Emergency or Crisis event. Crisis Intervention should be done within the first week to two weeks after a crisis event according to many Crisis Psychologists. We assist with planning for the impacts so that the crisis experience does not lead to lasting psychological, social and medical problems.

There are many theories written about crisis intervention and crisis counseling. Regardless of the theory and author, there are universal processes by which crisis teams can help people face and move past crisis events in their lives. Call today for an appointment and let’s discuss how these universal processes are utilized in the pre planning process for Crisis Intervention Plans and when a professional is needed on site.

Through my experience in Crisis Psychology as it relates to Emergencies and Disasters I also suggest that we discuss the conditioning, habits and patterns that can be changed as easily and effortlessly as changing a program folder on a computer. The mind is a tool that can serve and support us when we use choice to guide us rather than being directed by the invisible but omni-present, omni-powerful dictates of random emotional conditioning. Entities, Civilian firms, Governments and Military organizations can develop Group Programs to treat Mass Casualties after events.

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